Fjordfiesta is a Norwegian furniture firm, located in Molde (head office) and Malmo (office). Founded in 2001 by Pål Lunder and Simen Falck Engelstad. We aim to manufacture contemporary furniture designed by the foremost Scandinavian designers. Fjordfiesta wishes to combine continental elegance with Scandinavian simplicity, because we believe in our Scandinavian heritage adding some bold Norwegian flavour.

Fjordfiesta is determined to provide our customers with the very best of contemporary Scandinavian interior design. Our first project was the re-launch of the classic Scandia chair range.

The Scandia chair range.
In 1957 the Norwegian designer, Hans Brattrud, designed the chair range -Scandia.
We believe these chairs to be some of the few Scandinavian furniture classics strong enough to suppress the weight of time. This is one of very few Norwegian furniture classics internationally known, sold at auctions and vintage stores around the world.
Scandia Junior Stackable chair
Scandia Prince Stackable chair
Scandia Nett Lounge chair
Scandia Nett Swivel chair
Scandia Senior Easy chair 

We are also committed to bringing forward a collection of contemporary furniture designed by some of our young innovative Norwegian furniture friends, Norway says. They have designed the Nordica dining table for us in 2004, and later the Alto desk.

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